Is Rails still worth learning today?

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While Rails is definitely getting older, I still think it’s a great language with plenty of runway left. Whether it’s the right language for you depends on what you want to do with it. Sure, you can do just about anything server side with Node, but is it the most effective tool for the job? Could you spin up the same quality of backend faster with Rails? Which set up will be the easiest to onboard new devs or friends helping the cause?

One of Rails’ biggest benefits is its convention or customization principle. To me, Rails feels like the Apple ecosystem of programming—everything just works. While there’s certainly a lot going on under the hood, the first few times you use Rails feels a bit like magic. As a developer often working alone, this convention is hugely valuable. I can spend my time building out features, and getting a working and presentable prototype up in a couple of days. My time is limited, and I feel Rails recognizes and caters to that.

There’s a reason so many startups are built with Rails, and a reason so many continue to use it into maturity.